We'll place a respectable wager that you aren't familiar with our brand of communications. Of course, every firm in the universe babbles about how "special" they are, so we'll stow that chatter. But we will say this: From the very first meeting—the very first—our clients realize
we aren't the typical agency.

The Approach

We tailor focused PR, communications and marketing strategies specific to each client's respective needs. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach, ever. Ask our clients what is going on with us and you'll get a different answer each time. We look at your business objectives, your challenges and your competition to create a program that suits the situation. We huddle together on a consistent basis to mix it up. You don't have one person assigning tasks to others, you have a team collaborating on the next best move.
The result? Results.

The Proof

We look beyond traditional PR and embrace digital strategies that establish an effective voice for your brand, influence your market, and gain a distinct competitive advantage. Pick a vertical below to get a taste of what we can do.

The Team

The people presenting you the plan are the same people you will work with over the long haul. A firm principal manages your business on a day-to-day basis. No bait-and-switch. Equally important, our team is composed of seasoned pros all of whom are both strategic thinkers and roll-up-the-sleeves executors.

The Services

For some, media relations is central to the program. Content marketing for others. Visual storytelling and production. Events or influencer campaigns. Sales programs that dip into the marketing domain. We strategically choose programs that create meaningful interactions with your target audiences. It's a communications strategy that is both comprehensive and cohesive.

The Bottom line

The Lyman Agency sets the bar higher than simply orienting toward traditional PR goals. The results we achieve fundamentally impact the bottom line. We forgo the fuzzy "ad equivalency" and "UVPM" equations for outcomes that have actual meaning. Like growing sales. Driving engagement. Moving product. Measurably shifting perception.

If we don't move the needle in six months, then we'll show ourselves the door. Ask the firms you're talking with if they'll abide by the same criteria.