Five social media tools you probably know, five content tips that you might not

Posted on May 29th, 2013 by Chris

Content marketing continues to be a growing trend for business, and it’s no wonder why with the proliferation of platforms for brands to socialize with their audience.  The handful noted here won’t come as a surprise; this is about the basics– or perhaps a bit beyond the basics, since many of these tips are often underutilized. Still, there are some simple ways to get more out of what’s already being done, so here are five tips for successfully using basic social tools.

We all know the 140-character rule for Twitter, forcing you to make your point in short bursts of text. Most regular users make sure any links shared are accompanied by an accurate and alluring headline. (Do you?) So, what else?

TIP: Always include any top trending hashtags that are related to your post. It immediately opens you up to those that don’t follow you.

Pinterest is all about beautiful imagery, as that’s the main focus when using this platform.

TIP:  Don’t forget about the text! Including a detailed description of the photo along with relative hashtags will increase searchability. Also, be sure to consider SEO when titling your post.

Facebook’s Like, Share, and Comment functions make it easy to monitor audience engagement. Many people use Facebook on short work breaks, so they don’t necessarily want to watch videos, click links out to other sites, or read big blocks of text. However…

TIP: Adding an easy-to-process visual element can drive your message home and further engage your audience. Try eye-catching images, “top 10” type lists, and even memes (images with text overlayed). Quick surveys (or even simple questions) are also a good way to interact with your fan base.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, is a video worth a thousand pictures? Perhaps. While video has grown as a valuable tool in your content marketing arsenal, the best practice here is to make sure you have an exciting, funny, or otherwise interesting story to tell.

TIP: If you have great content that appeals to a particular audience you seek to reach, it can be argued that longer length doesn’t really matter(Note: this does not hold true for long advertising content!)

Your company blog is the most flexible content platform at your disposal.

TIP: Break up blocks of texts with images and video. Try posting galleries of multiple photos on a regular basis as well–just don’t go over the top with the number of pics you include.

While these tips may seem obvious, many are not executed regularly. A quick consideration and implementation of any of these will likely net more engagement and interest by your audience, both in the moment and into the future.

Do you have any quick-and-easy tips to share? Have you noticed that some people miss the opportunity to engage their audience? What else can  help others improve upon the basics? Do tell.